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Residents asked to help tackle dog fouling

Published on Thursday 16th February 2012


Following an increase in the number of reports about dog fouling in Over Wyre, Great Eccleston and Garstang, Wyre Council is seeking the assistance of members of the public.

The council recognises that the vast majority of residents are responsible dog owners.  and asks that they report any incidents of dog fouling, or any information that may help to identify those who don't pick up after their pets on 01253 891000.

It is illegal to fail to clean up after your dog in public areas and doing so can result in a fine of £50. Fines can be issued on the spot or afterwards if the offence is witnessed.

Wyre Council will soon be implementing a series of Dog Control Orders aimed at reducing dog related anti social behaviour and promoting responsible dog ownership across the borough. This will be supported by a campaign of high visibility patrolling by council officers to educate dog walkers and enforce the orders.

For further information visit www.wyre.gov.uk/dogcontrolorders.

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