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Published on Wednesday 7th December 2011

Loo of the Year Awards 2011

Wyre's public toilets have received national acclaim after securing 14 five star ratings at this year's Loo of the Year Awards.

15 toilets across Wyre were entered and all but one received the maximum 5 star rating, with the exception being awarded 4 stars. This secured a Champions League Standards of Excellence Award which is presented to any organisation or local authority with ten or more entries and winning five or more 5 star ratings. This prestigious award recognises those who maintain a consistently high standard of management in all their Loo of the Year Awards entries.

In addition, Wyre was placed fourth in the Local Authority Public Toilet Entries Premier League, which is based on the total number of grading stars achieved, against the total number of local authority entries.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for public conveniences at Wyre Council said: "This recognition is a reflection of the high standards we are constantly striving towards in Wyre and my thanks go to Danfo, who manage the toilets on behalf of the council.

"Clean public toilets with good facilities are one element in a whole host of factors that make Wyre a borough we can be proud of."

The awards recognise public toilets of the highest standards and cover all types of 'away from home' toilets including those provided in shopping centres, airports and supermarkets. They are a demonstration of hygiene and safety excellence and each entry is assessed during an unannounced inspection, against more than 100 criteria including signage, cleanliness, security and accessibility.

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