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Published on Thursday 1st December 2011

Civic Centre

Electoral register available to view and successful prosecutions by the council

Wyre's Register of Electors available for inspection

The full Register of Electors for the Borough of Wyre, detailing everyone who is eligible to vote, can now be viewed at the Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde.
Residents can also inspect a copy of sections of the register relating to each local area (under supervision) at the Civic Centre, sub-post office or public library most local to each area.

Copies of the edited register, or certain parts of it, can be obtained from Wyre's Civic Centre for a set fee.

Information on the register has been taken from the annual canvass of electors which saw every household in Wyre receive a voter registration form. Anyone living in Wyre who is over 18 and whose name has not been included in the register, or who has moved into an address in Wyre since 15 October 2011 and is eligible to vote, can apply directly to Wyre Council to be added to the register.

For more information on how to apply and to find out if you qualify to be added to the electoral register, please contact Andrea Mullin on 01253 887257 or email andrea.mullin@wyre.gov.uk.


Wyre resident convicted of benefit fraud

A Wyre resident has been ordered to pay £445 after committing benefit fraud.

Emma Brennan of Great Eccleston received over £3500 in housing and council tax benefits after submitting fraudulent claim forms and falsifying a rent book and tenancy agreement, despite the fact that she actually lived rent free in her father's caravan.

On 29 November Brennan pleaded guilty to five offences at Fleetwood Magistrates Court and was ordered to pay a fine of £330, costs of £100 and a victim surcharge of £15.


Wyre resident fined for littering

A Fleetwood resident has been ordered to pay £165 for littering.

Christine MacDonald was initially issued with a fixed penalty notice for emptying rubbish out of bin bags in an alley. However she failed to pay the fine and then also failed to attend Fleetwood Magistrates Court, when the case was heard on 29 November.

Magistrates found MacDonald guilty of the offence in her absence and she was ordered to pay a fine of £50, costs of £100 and a victim surcharge of £15.

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