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New council premises coming to Fleetwood

Published on Monday 31st October 2011

Current Copse Road depot

A modern new depot for Wyre Council services is to be built in Fleetwood.

Buildings on the existing Copse Road site are set to be demolished early next year and will be replaced with a £1.5m purpose-built base for waste services, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, building maintenance and transport services.

The project is subject to planning permission and if approved it is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: "There is no doubt that a new council depot is needed, especially with a new waste collection contract starting in April and street cleansing being brought in house.

"Building on our existing site is the best option as it means we do not have buy new land or borrow money to purchase it. Thais way we get a return on our investment and it becomes a genuine council asset.

"This represents another major council investment in Fleetwood, along with the creation of several new construction jobs. A single base will also be more cost effective to run. It will bring together various teams on to one site providing for greater efficiencies in working arrangements and ensuring we provide the best front line services to our communities."

Copse Road is a 2.44 acre site and the buildings are in a poor state of repair. Several of these have been closed for some time for health and safety reasons. Teams currently operating from here will be temporarily relocated later this month and spread out across existing council assets. The transport team, which works from a garage to the rear of the site, will remain.

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