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Wyre tops North West jobs chart

Published on Monday 24th October 2011


Wyre has experienced the greatest increase in jobs in the North West, according to new figures by the Office for National Statistics.

Wyre has seen an increase in employment figures of 3.8% in 2010, a total of 1300 jobs in the borough, despite a fall in job numbers across the country overall. The increase has appeared in the private sector.

The Business Register and Employment Survey is a sampled survey undertaken by the Office for National Statistics to estimate the number of employees in all local authority areas in England and Wales, as at 10 September 2010. Although an estimate, the figures give a strong indication of the direction of travel in employment terms, and Wyre Council is keen to continue moving upwards.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said "This is great news not just for Wyre but for the whole of Lancashire. And it's a testament to our approach and the hard work and determination of local businesses, who have had to adapt to survive in a difficult economic climate."

"Wyre Council's extremely successful collaboration with businesses, Wyred Up, has had a significant impact on the borough's economy. We bring together all Wyre's support partners for business development, employment, skills and training and facilitate inter trading. This has helped businesses achieve economic stability, and growth in many cases, which in turn has resulted in the creation and retention of jobs. We will continue to support businesses, invest in the area and drive growth in the local economy."  

An assessment in 2009 made it clear that Wyre could benefit from almost £1 billion of new investment and a recent evaluation suggests that the majority of this figure still remains viable and on track for delivery. Part of this investment has come to fruition over the last year with an increase in employment, mainly in the construction industry. Developments in residential property by David Wilson Homes, at Hawley Gardens, Thornton and by Redrow and Persimmon Homes at Fleetwood Docks have boosted employment numbers alongside commercial developments by Booths and Dewlay Cheesemakers at Garstang, creating retail and production jobs respectively.

Global Renewables, operating the new Waste Technology Park at Thornton have been a real success story for Wyre, working with Blackpool & The Fylde College and JobCentre Plus to provide new employment opportunities for local people.

Victrex Plc is currently developing the second stage of a new plant at Hillhouse International Business Park, which will add new jobs for the future, and has also contributed construction jobs during an earlier phase of development.
There have been other success stories on the employment front in small to medium sized businesses, who are the backbone of the Fylde Coast economy and constitute 99% of all businesses in the area. Many are weathering the recession and there are real examples of companies prospering and creating new employment.

Wyre Council's Chief Executive Garry Payne said "We value the importance of working with businesses to ensure appropriate development in the most suitable areas. We operate to simple business principles which is proving to be a great asset for both the council, communities and businesses. The most recent statistical release is a pleasing demonstration that we are managing to buck the national trend." 

Wyre has attracted a considerable amount of future investment from the private sector that will continue to boost the local jobs market. The proposed Wyre Power gas fired power station at Hillhouse International Business Park in Thornton, is due to get the go-ahead soon and will secure 650 construction and allied trade jobs in a two year construction programme, scheduled to start in 2012/13.

Fleetwood Fish and Food Park, a £20 million development in the Copse Road area, and the Sea Change coastal regeneration project in Fleetwood and Cleveleys, both add to the positive economic outlook in Wyre.

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