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Poulton Market getting ready for business

Published on Thursday 20th October 2011

Peppers on a market stall

Final arrangements are being made for Poulton's inaugural street market, which is all set to take place next Wednesday, 26 October.

Confidence is high that the event will bring more visitors into the town centre, boosting trade for existing businesses.

If feedback is good from both shoppers and traders, organiser Wyre Council will be looking to press ahead with a weekly market as soon as possible. This is likely to be on a Monday to complement those already established elsewhere in Wyre.

It will mean the borough can promote market facilities every week day, including those that are not council run such as Garstang and Great Eccleston.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: "We are delighted to be introducing a market to Poulton. The location lends itself very nicely to this kind of shopping event and this could be the kick start Poulton needs to attract fresh visitors and eventually new businesses.

"As always we have taken people's concerns on board, particularly about what day it would fall on. Through discussions with traders and market organisers, we are now moving forward and if things go well next Wednesday, we hope to be providing a weekly market very shortly.

"This is a golden opportunity to boost trade in Poulton as long as everyone works together to make it a success."

Wednesday's market will run from 9am to 5pm and will offer a wide selection of goods including food, crafts, hardware, textiles and jewellery.

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