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More spaces available for Wyre's Resident Parking Permit Holders

Published on Monday 2nd November 2009

The removal of the 'R' (residents only) bays in Wyre Borough Council's car parks will have a positive effect for residents with parking permits.

Following council approval, the removal of the 'R' bays means that permit holders will now be able to use their permit to park in any space (other than disabled spaces or any reserved space) in many of Wyre's council owned car parks.

This will enable closer parking to the shops and is a direct response to requests from members of the public.

Work is on-going to remove the 'R's as soon as possible, and the civil enforcement officers have been given interim instructions not to issue a parking ticket to any vehicle parked in an unmarked space that is displaying a valid residents permits and is being used correctly.

Rough Lea Rd and Cleveleys Promenade car parks will remain excluded to resident passes.

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