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Bogus callers operating in Wyre

Published on Tuesday 17th November 2009

Wyre Borough Council is urging residents to be aware of bogus callers offering them a refund on their council tax bill.

Someone claiming to be from the council has contacted residents by telephone.

On each occasion the caller recites the customer's full address and telephone number and informs them that the council tax on their property has been re-banded to a lower charge.

Bank card details are then requested from the customer in order to refund money back into their bank account. The specific information requested is the customer's card number, the expiry date and the security code on the reverse of the card.

The caller does not provide the customer's council tax reference number and always calls from a withheld number.

Local Taxation Manager for Wyre Borough Council, Ron Ashcroft explained that these calls are not being made by council officers and urged people not to give out their personal details to cold callers.

He said: "The council would never ask for these details unless we were dealing with a claim that had been instigated by the customer themselves.

"Our advice is not to give out this kind of information to any caller unless you are sure who you are speaking to. A simple check can be made by ending the call and redialling the council's main switchboard number - 01253 891000."

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