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Wyre young people in charge of their own conference

Published on Wednesday 18th November 2009

Wyre Local Children's Trust Partnership (WLCTP) is hosting an innovative conference for children and young people in Wyre.


The conference is being held on Friday 20 November at the YMCA Lofthouse Building, London Street, Fleetwood, from 9.30am until 2.30pm.

It is a really unusual event as it is hosted by young people (with a little help!) for young people from across the whole of Wyre. The event format will begin by looking at the issues and opinions of young people from all schools in the district.

This information will be evaluated and prioritised and then the young people will express what is important to them using a range of different methods including dance, drama, video and arts, to guests invited from agencies responsible for local services

The purpose of the conference is to:

- Build on existing and previous work engaging children and young people in Wyre Local Children's Trust Partnership (WLCTP)

- Consult children and young people about the Lancashire's Children and Young People's Plan, which is based on the Every Child Matter outcomes.

- Identify what children and young people consider are the local priorities.

- Find out how children and young people would like to be engaged and involved with WLCTP

It is recognised that it will be necessary for most of the children and young people who are attending to be accompanied by a member of staff. For the benefit of the staff attending a workshop will be provided to:

- Increase understanding of Children's Trusts, especially of WLCTP.

- Increase understanding of relevance of WLCTP to organisations and the children and young people it works with.

- Raise awareness of the importance of effective engagement of CYP within the WLCTP.

- Identify ways support can be given to young people and youth councils to enable them to contribute to WLCTP.

- Identify what support is required from WLCTP to support CYP engagement.

The conference has been planned and will be run by children and young people. A planning group made up of representatives from schools and agencies from across Wyre have been working together with staff and WLTCP reps.

Tom Pridmore, Director of Leisure Services for Wyre Borough Council and WLCT member, said: "This is a really unusual conference because it is being run by young people for young people and using different means of communication which young people will understand.

"The outcome of the event will be clear messages about how agencies like the council should shape their services better for children and young people."

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