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Major makeover to Wyre's Tourist Information Centres

Published on Thursday 19th November 2009

Wyre's award winning Tourist Information Centres (TICs) are about to receive a makeover.

Both Fleetwood and Cleveleys centres will be refurbished and modernised to a high standard as part of a wider development programme of the Visit Wyre service.

In order to have this work complete in time for the start of the 2010 season, both will need to close from Monday 23 November for approximately three months.

Visitors and residents will still be able to get all the information they need about the wonders of Wyre from other sources. Enquiries can be made by phone on 01253 887441 or emailed to either fleetwoodtic@wyrebc.gov.uk or cleveleystic@wyrebc.gov.uk.

The website at http://www.visitwyre.co.uk/ is also still available and updated regularly. The other centres at the Wyre Estuary Country Park, Stanah, and the Garstang Discovery Centre, soon to be replaced by modern new premises in the Booths development, will remain open and can deal with enquiries about all parts of the borough.

Alternatively, any of the Visit Wyre publications such as the What's On guide, will be available from the Marine Hall or the Frank Townend Centre.

Funding for the project has been made available by Wyre Borough Council and the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board to the tune of almost £20,000.

Tom Pridmore, Director of Leisure Services for Wyre Borough Council, said: "There are some exciting times ahead for our TICs. These improvements will allow us to provide an even more comprehensive service to ensure people get the most out of their visit to Wyre.

"Both the Fleetwood and Cleveleys centres were declared the best in Lancashire for 2008 and 2009 respectively and when we open our doors again next year, we'll be looking at using the new resources to take this success even further.

"There may be some inconvenience in the meantime but it will be worth the wait."

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