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Fleetwood Market needs your vote

Published on Tuesday 8th December 2009

Forget the X Factor - the vote that really counts in Wyre this December is the one for Fleetwood Market.

The much-visited attraction is bidding to become Britain's Favourite Market and online voting is now open. Locals and visitors alike are being urged to steer their mouse to the National Association of British Market Authorities website and cast their vote.

Market Manager Julian Brent says: "Everyone involved with Fleetwood Market is passionate about ensuring shoppers come back for a return visit and the increased footfall we've had in recent years clearly show this to be the case.

"To have this underlined by being crowned Britain's Favourite Market would be a fantastic achievement. We've already encouraged our traders to vote and now we're urging anyone with an interest in the market to do the same."

There has been a market on the eastern end of Adelaide Street since 1840, when country folk jumped at the opportunity to sell their fresh produce. Soon traders were coming in from Manchester with textiles and clothing and at one point there was even a weekly cattle market.

Fleetwood Market is owned by Wyre Borough Council and continues to thrive, playing an important part in the local economy. Following repairs to the sand stone walls of the original Main Hall, improvements to the heating and lighting are due to start in January in the Annexe Hall. Plans to improve the exterior have also been submitted.

There are 195 stalls spread across three halls, with a present occupancy of 99 per cent. Products range from computer accessories to crockery, cosmetics to clothing and a ruling that prohibits traders from selling the same goods within three stalls in either direction adds to the variety.

To cast your vote, log on to www.nabma.com/votePopup.php and enter Fleetwood Market where prompted. There is no need to register any personal information. Simply enter the randomly generated code on screen to verify that your vote is genuine, hit submit and you will have moved Fleetwood market one step closer to the title.

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