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Wyre scores well in council assessment

Published on Wednesday 9th December 2009

Wyre Borough Council is performing well according to a report by the Audit Commission published today (Wednesday 9 December).

The annual assessment is the first under a new monitoring system that provides people with an overall picture of how well public services are performing and working together.

The first Comprehensive Area Assessment for Lancashire was made public on the dedicated Oneplace website today, with organisational assessments have been added for all public service organisations.

Wyre Borough Council scored three out of a possible four for managing performance and use of resources

The report, which can be accessed in full online, states: "The council has clear ambitions for the area, reflected in its five priority themes and objectives. It has a good understanding of the needs of local people. This understanding has been used well to plan and design services such as the award-winning Cleveleys promenade. Good and improving outcomes are being achieved against each priority.

"The council manages its finances well. It plans and uses its resources effectively to deliver its priorities. It has a track record of achieving efficiency savings and attracting investment from the private sector for its work on regeneration."

Also highlighted are specific examples of how the council is making a difference, including:

- processing benefit claims promptly and providing additional services such as debt advice to support vulnerable people through difficult times;

- working with new investors, existing businesses and training providers to ensure local people have the skills to benefit from work opportunities;

- working with other agencies to effectively tackle problem behaviour such as juvenile nuisance and street drinking;

- providing access to decent and affordable homes, helping older people to live in their homes and increasing participation in physical exercise;

- good workforce planning with an emphasis on staff development to ensure staff can deliver the council's priorities, as well as achieving a significant reduction in sickness absence.

Council bosses have welcomed the assessment. Leader Councillor Russell Forsyth said: "This is independent recognition of our commitment to value for money services in line with what the people of Wyre actually want and need.

"I'm particularly pleased that reference has been made to our close relationship with partner agencies in tackling our priorities. This kind of team work is now firmly established as the Wyre way and is making a significant difference to people's quality of life."

Wyre Borough Council's organisational assessment and the Comprehensive Area Assessment for Lancashire can both be viewed in full at http://oneplace.direct.gov.uk/

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