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Wyre scores in the Champions League of toilets

Published on Thursday 31st December 2009

Wyre has scored a place in the Champions League.

We're talking public toilets here, or more specifically the Loo of the Year awards 2009 where Wyre Borough Council was quite literally flushed with success.

All 19 of the borough's public toilets - which are managed locally by Danfo - were awarded either a three, four or five star rating by inspectors who were looking for the highest standards of hygiene, facilities and management.

And the fact that seven of these were given five stars means that Wyre can deservedly take its place in the Champions League, reserved for those elite organisations with five or more loos worthy of the highest rating.

A delighted Vivien Taylor, Living Places Portfolio Holder for Wyre Borough Council, said: "What a great result for Wyre. In recent years we have chosen to invest in a modernisation scheme for our public toilets that delivered the highest level of cleanliness and comfort.

"We were already confident that this had been achieved, but to have it confirmed at national level following an unannounced inspection gives our users that extra bit of reassurance."

Danfo were equally proud of the achievement. Andrew McIlduff, Operations Manager, said: "I am delighted with the results at this year's Loo of the Year Awards. These results are a reflection on both the investment made by Wyre Borough Council and the dedication of the Danfo staff that clean and maintain these buildings 365 days per year.

"Danfo is more than proud to be working in partnership with Wyre Borough Council."

The public toilets with a five star rating are:

Gubberford Lane, Scorton

Bold Street, Fleetwood

Marine Hall car park, Fleetwood

Preston Street, Fleetwood

Poulton United Reformed Church disabled facilities

School Lane, Pilling

Cleveleys Promenade

Wyre also picked up eight four star ratings and four three star ratings.

The Loo of the Year Awards have been identifying the best in Britain since 1987 and are recognised as standard setters for all those who provide public conveniences.

Every entry received an unannounced visit from an authorised Loo of the Year inspector and was assessed against more than 100 judging criteria - including signage and decor, fixtures and fittings and overall standards of cleanliness and management. Every loo receives a star grading from one to five.

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