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Be a good neighbour in the wintry weather

Published on Friday 8th January 2010

Wyre Community Safety Partnership is urging people to be good neighbours during the big freeze and support more vulnerable members of their community.

Icy pavements and dipping temperatures are making it difficult for the elderly and less mobile to get out and about, especially those in more rural areas.

This may leave them without the basic food essentials. Others may be struggling to keep warm or left feeling isolated because they have lost opportunities for social interaction.

Although there are a number of support agencies across Wyre who are just a phone call away, the Partnership is also asking anyone with a vulnerable neighbour to play their part.

Partnership Chair, Councillor Graeme Cocker, said: "If you know someone who may be struggling to cope with the freezing conditions, please just take some time to make sure they have what they need.

"This could be anything from food to transport to a medical appointment. Even if they need nothing more than a bit of company, you'll still be doing them some good.

"And if more specialist support is required, a single call to Help Direct on 0303 333 1021 will put people in touch with local agencies who can provide it."

To minimise pressure on NHS service, people in areas affected by snow and ice are advised not to venture out unless they need to and then to do so with extra caution.

Dr Frank Atherton, Director of Public Health for NHS North Lancashire, said: "If you really do have to walk on ice and snow you can reduce your risks of slipping and falling by wearing shoes with good grips on the soles, taking shorter steps and keeping to well lit and gritted paths.

"If you have to drive, stick to main roads and go slowly. The cold snap is far from over and with many roads and pavements full of ice people are at a higher risk of slipping or banging their cars."

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