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Wyre Borough Council leader to stand down

Published on Friday 22nd January 2010

Councillor Russell Forsyth is to stand down as leader of Wyre Borough Council.

After five and a half years at the helm, Councillor Forsyth is set to become the next Mayor of Wyre, a non-political role.

His successor will be nominated from among the Conservative members and will be officially appointed at the full council meeting on 4 March.

Councillor Forsyth will continue to carry out the duties of the post until that date.

Councillor Forsyth said: "When I became Leader back in 2004, the council had just been through a process of change and I am fiercely proud of the progress we have made.

"As well as being declared a council that is performing well at our last inspection, Wyre has realised a number of projects that are making a real difference.

"The success story of Cleveleys promenade is one that springs immediately to mind and securing the Sea Change funding to enhance the waterfront even further was a great boost.

"A great deal of masterplanning has been carried out for the Fleetwood Thornton corridor, likewise the proposed fish park which will transform Fleetwood's fishing industry.

"Whoever takes over as leader - and members have the benefit of choosing from an impressive pool of candidates - they will be steering Wyre forward into a period of serious investment.

"I am proud to have served the people of Wyre and look forward to the new challenge that comes with the mayoralty."

Councillor Forsyth has also announced Councillor Peter Hawley as the Deputy Mayor elect.

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