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Fleetwood Cleansweep hailed a success

Published on Monday 8th February 2010

An operation to clean up part of Fleetwood has been hailed a success.

Rubbish was shifted in sackloads, graffiti hotspots were blitzed and new planting took place as part of a Cleansweep in Park ward (1-5 February).

Organised by the Wyre Community Safety Partnership (WCSP), the initiative was a perfect example of different agencies and community groups working together to benefit the neighbourhood.

Results included:

  • 21 eight-ton skips filled during a residents' rubbish amnesty
  • 15 tonnes of bulky waste removed from domestic properties, including more than 100 televisions
  • 48 sacks of rubbish collected from inside Broadwater Wood
  • 12 sacks of litter collected from the Copse Road edge of Broadwater Wood
  • 12 sacks of litter collected from Linear Park
  • more than 50 TV licence evaders caught
  • the arrest of three people from the area wanted on warrant

Enforcement action was also stepped up during the week with test purchasing and vehicle checks among the many activities. Driving offenders were targeted and fixed penalty tickets were issued for a variety of offences.

The neighbourhood policing team gave induction talks for students at the nautical college covering crime prevention and personal safety as well as a general introduction to the area.

Many hands made light work on the litter picking side thanks to the sterling efforts of pupils from St Mary's Primary, Cardinal Allen High and Fleetwood Sports College, offenders from the Youth Offending Team and Community Payback and volunteer countryside rangers.

Officers from the Regenda group cleared six gardens within the Broadwater and Flakefleet area, with help from the Youth Offending Team, Community Payback and town councillors.

Several bulb and shrub planting sessions have taken place to brighten up open spaces organised by United Futures, a community engagement project between United Utilities and the Groundwork charity.

Environmental Protection Officers from Wyre Borough Council visited 42 properties with a build-up of rubbish that could cause a health hazard and following advice the vast majority of households took action to remove it.

Councillor Graeme Cocker, Chair of the WCSP, said: "This appears to be the most productive Cleansweep yet in terms of the amount of rubbish collected. This could easily have ended up elsewhere as fly-tipping so a huge thank you to everyone who helped to collect it and to the residents for their co-operation.

"It has also been heartening to see so many agencies and community groups working together to improve this part of Fleetwood, which is what our Cleansweeps are all about."

Partnership Sergeant Gary Tunstall, said: Cleansweeps always show that communities do want to get involved and make the area a better place to live. Sometimes, they just need help from the various organisations. The

Neighbourhood Policing Teams always look forward to taking part and forging stronger links with the community. Well done everybody."

Steve Newsham, Regional Director for the Regenda Group, said: "We want to provide as much assistance as possible to our residents and the community within this area to help tidy up their neighbourhood and protect their property whilst promoting community involvement.

"As a major landlord in the area, we have a vested interest in the local environment and so are always looking at ways to improve our residents' living environment."

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