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All change for Wyre's Cabinet

Published on Wednesday 10th March 2010

A Cabinet reshuffle has taken place at Wyre Borough Council.

Following the recent installation of Councillor Peter Gibson as Leader, Councillors Vivien Taylor and Graeme Cocker will leave the Cabinet from 11 March.

They will be replaced by Councillor Roger Berry, who represents Highcross ward in Poulton, and Councillor Paul Moon from Preesall. They will take on responsibility for safety and places respectively.

There will be a further change following the next council meeting on 22 April when Councillor Peter Hawley steps down to become Deputy Mayor. He will be replaced by Councillor Barry Birch.

Councillor Gibson said: "I would like to thank both Vivien and Graeme for their invaluable contribution to the Cabinet and I am sure they will contribute even more to the council in different roles in the future.

"Peter has been an immense figure in Wyre for many, many years and I wish him and his wife the best of luck for the new municipal year.

"I welcome Barry, Roger and Paul to the Cabinet team and I am sure they will each make a positive contribution in the these exciting times ahead."

The Cabinet, with their responsibilities, is now made up as follows:

Leader and Corporate Resources - Councillor Peter Gibson
Living Healthily - Councillor Lynne Bowen
Living Community - Councillor Peter Murphy
Living Economy - Councillor Peter Hawley until 22 April, Councillor Barry Birch thereafter
Living Safely - Councillor Roger Berry
Living Places - Councillor Paul Moon

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