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High quality interest in Wyre's waterfront transformation

Published on Monday 22nd March 2010

A staggering 53 design teams have applied to bring the Wyre Sea Change project to life.

Expressions of interest were invited from artists, landscape architects and architects for the creation of art and environmental works to enhance Wyre's cultural coastline.

And the quality of applications has been just as impressive as the response rate, with teams from all over Europe and even America coming forward.

Garry Payne, Director of Planning and Regeneration for Wyre Borough Council, explained: "These are people who can put their name to stunning projects known the world over, which means we can look forward to something very special for Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

"A scheme like this would normally attract 30 or so expressions of interest, which could be quickly whittled down to the more feasible options. Not only has this expectation almost doubled, the quality has been so high that drawing up a shortlist has proved a real challenge.

"It has underlined the council's confidence that a cultural trail will add an extra dimension to Wyre's waterfront and kick start the redevelopment of the Marine Hall and Gardens."

Following an all-day sifting session based on submitted evidence and response to questions raised in the brief, 15 teams have been selected to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. This will determine what they can bring to a coastal area and how they are going to involve the community.

A final four will then be formally interviewed at the end of April. The successful team will be expected to start in May and take the project forward to the construction stage which needs to begin in the autumn.

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