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Published on Monday 22nd March 2010

Thank you - two little words that Wyre Borough Council would like to pass on to all its residents for making sure a recent recycling change took place without a hitch.

New arrangements for collecting cardboard were introduced on 15 February when it had to be swapped from the green bin to the blue bin. This was to prevent processing problems at the new treatment facility in Thornton.

One month on and Wyre Borough Council is delighted to report that with the exception of an isolated case or two, people have taken the message on board and more importantly have made the switch without a fuss.

Councillor Paul Moon, Living Places Portfolio Holder, said: "This was an important change that the council had no choice but to make. With more than 40,000 households affected it could have presented us with a real problem.

"So we would genuinely like to say a big thank you to every one of these households for helping to make the entire exercise a trouble-free one.

"Crews have only found one or two instances of cardboard in a green bin, but these were down to the message not quite reaching the resident. We have, of course, taken a sympathetic approach in these early stages."

The second change, which will see food waste accepted in the green bin as part of a new Government directive, is expected to be introduced later this year, but residents should not be concerned at this stage.

Councillor Moon added: "The council will be providing plenty of practical information several months before the change so residents have time to sort out any issues they may have."

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