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Partners united for a safer World Cup

Published on Friday 4th June 2010

Members of the Wyre Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) are teaming up to tackle alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour during this year's World Cup.

During the 2006 finals, there was an increase in reports of domestic violence, along with other crimes and instances of anti-social behaviour, often prompted by binge drinking. Linked with the highly charged emotional nature of these football games, this can lead to certain behaviour that can be damaging to an individual's health and can also put the safety of others at risk.

In a bid to ensure the whole community can enjoy the event this time around, the WCSP has kick started a Let's Tackle It campaign. Activities include raising football related initiatives for young people.

These include:

- Posters displayed in pubs and clubs across Wyre, in connection with PubWatch schemes, while premises will receive regular visits from members of the Multi Agency Licensing Team to reduce alcohol related disorder.

- Special shatter-proof polycarbonate glasses for venues across Fleetwood and Poulton to minimise the risk of drink related injuries or assaults.

- Staff in off licences being given branded t-shirts to wear to highlight the issue. Leaflets will also be given to customers at the till, providing them with valuable information about drinking sensibly and responsibly.

- Distribution of foam footballs to minimise the risk of damage by those hoping to replicate England's pitch prowess in residential areas.

- Use of special body cams by police officers attending incidents of public disorder or domestic violence, to ensure that evidence is captured on film.

Councillor Roger Berry, Chair of the Wyre Safety Partnership, said: "This World Cup we are all working together to try and minimise unacceptable, harmful or even criminal behaviour.

"Our message is simple - enjoy the World Cup but if you are drinking, make sure you do so responsibly."

Funding for the Lets Tackle It campaign has been provided by the Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team.

The campaign will be launched at and supported by Fleetwood Town Football Club. Manager Micky Mellon: said: "The World Cup is a fabulous time for any football supporter and for people who wouldn't normally watch football. It's also a time for coming together with family and friends to watch the big games and perhaps enjoy a drink. A certain responsibility comes with having a drink and I'd urge everyone to follow the advice of this campaign."

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