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Businesses targeted in fly tipping clampdown

Published on Friday 18th June 2010

Wyre Borough Council is stepping up the fight against fly tipping by targeting traders who flout waste disposal laws.

By tackling the issue head on, the council hopes to dramatically reduce the number of incidents and therefore the amount of public money being spent on dealing with these environmental crimes.

All businesses have a statutory duty to remove their waste via a licensed carrier and must provide evidence when requested by the local authority.

Following an audit that revealed a large number of Wyre businesses were unaware of this duty, the council has been offering support and advice to help them meet their obligations.

Around 3,000 information letters have been sent out, at the same time as a request for the necessary proof, followed by a second reminder to give them a reasonable amount of time to put things in place.

Those who are still unable to provide documents without a genuine reason will be issued statutory notices which could result in a £300 fine and possible court action if they do not comply.

Councillor Paul Moon, Street Scene Portfolio Holder, reiterated: "Although businesses have this duty of care and the council is responsible for policing it, our current course of action has nothing to do with bureaucracy.

"We simply want to avoid putting additional burden on our council tax payers. When businesses do not dispose of their waste correctly, there are two possible outcomes. It either gets unfairly caught up in domestic waste collections, which is funded by Wyre residents, or it ends up as fly tipping.

"The council investigated and dealt with more than 4,000 fly tipping incidents, all of which were again funded from the public purse.

"Those who dump their rubbish illegally are getting smarter, removing everything that could identify them. It means we have to be smarter still and we're doing that by tackling the issue at one of the most likely sources.

"The council is trying to take a lenient approach and will provide support when there is a genuine problem, but we do know other councils have seen a 50 per cent reduction after stepping up this kind of enforcement."

Any business which would like to discuss its waste concerns, including how to use the council's own trade waste collection service, can call 01253 891000.

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