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Free sports qualifications for Wyre's young adults

Published on Monday 28th June 2010

Qualifications and work experience on and off the sporting field are being offered free to young people in Wyre.

TryVolunteering is a programme for 16 to 25 year olds run by Wyre Borough Council. Those taking part are given volunteering placements with various local sports clubs, through which they can gain skills to enhance their college applications and in some cases put them on the employment ladder.

Opportunities are varied, so it's not just a scheme for the athletic types.

Yes, there are openings for community coaches in football, rugby, cricket, table tennis and swimming. But some clubs also need people to help with ground maintenance and match day stewarding, others with public relations, first aid and administration.

Qualifications gained will depend on the role chosen, but there are general awards for everyone who completes 50 hours or 100 hours of volunteering in a 12 month period.

Councillor Lynne Bowen, Leisure & Culture Portfolio Holder for Wyre Borough Council, said: "Volunteering is something that is often overlooked by young people and yet it's an activity that they can get so much benefit from, especially if it relates to something they love doing, like sport.

"Skills such as leadership, teamwork, even basics like timekeeping are all part of what potential employers or college admissions people are looking for and being able to demonstrate examples of these can give applicants a real advantage."

There is a social element, too, and volunteers will be helping their local community. Wyre residents benefit from an abundance of grassroots leisure projects (including the council's own free TrySport programme for school age children), but their existence depends a great deal on people giving up their time to staff them.

For an informal chat about how you can get the most out of volunteering, call the Community Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01253 887450 or 07989693538. you can also email mailroom@wyrebc.gov.uk or log on to www.wyrebc.gov.uk/Find/SportVolunteering

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