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Council takes action at Wyre "eyesore"

Published on Thursday 8th July 2010

Direct action is being taken this morning to remove unauthorised development from greenfield land off the Norcross roundabout in Wyre.

Following constant refusal by the landowner to clear the site of a caravan, containers, vehicles and animals which are in breach of planning rules, Wyre Borough Council has called in the services of a specialist enforcement agency to carry out this difficult task.

Trevor Beswick moved on to the land in September, promptly followed by calls from concerned local residents who felt it was becoming an eyesore. Within a month, notices had been served requesting that he stop development and vacate the site. However, these notices and several subsequent requests have all been ignored.

As a result, personnel from the specialist agency will today go on to the land and begin to remove anything that should not be there.

Councillor Barry Birch, Wyre Borough Council's portfolio holder with responsibility for planning, said: "This is the first time the council has brought in an external enforcement agency, but specialist services are necessary in this very complex case due to the unauthorised development that has already taken place on site. It is also located on a very busy roundabout with obvious highway safety implications.

"Although Mr Beswick owns the land, it is designated as green belt and the council has a duty to protect Wyre's green spaces as much as we can.

"We have tried to be reasonable with Mr Beswick and we have communicated with him throughout the past six months, but still he refuses to vacate and clear the site. Regrettably we have no other option but to take formal action."


September 2009 - Trevor Beswick moved on to land off Norcross roundabout and began to introduce a caravan, containers, various vehicles and animals.

14 October 2009 - a temporary stop notice was served by Wyre Borough Council to cease development.

9 November 2009 - an enforcement notice and stop notice were served by Wyre Borough Council, requesting removal of unauthorised development from the land within a six month deadline.

9 December 2009 - both notices became effective after no appeal was lodged by Mr Beswick

9 June 2010 - Mr Beswick did not comply with the notices within the six month deadline so action was started.

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