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Visit Garstang Centres booms

Published on Tuesday 31st August 2010

Tourism chiefs at Wyre are celebrating the success of their recently launched Visit Garstang Tourist Information centre.

Cllr Lynne Bowen, Portfolio holder for Leisure and Cultural services said: "The centre is welcoming significantly more visitors than were recorded at the old location" she added "We are delighted that visitors like the new location are not only voting with their feet but also spending more during their visit".

The centre moved early this year and was the subject of significant investment by the North West Development Agency and the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board.

Wyre's Director of Leisure and Tourism, Tom Pridmore, said: "We recognise that we had some teething problems but we listened carefully to local feedback and as a result have made a number of improvements. We are delighted that the new centre is now attracting more than double the number visiting the old location.

"We have been particular heartened by the response from many local people, many of whom now use the centre regularly."

Visitor figures for July 2010 were 3784 compared to the old centre, same period last year, which were 1670.

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