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Jobs fair hailed a huge success

Published on Thursday 14th October 2010

A trip to Fleetwood's Marine Hall proved just the job for almost 500 people looking for work and training opportunities.

The Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Job and Skills Fair has been hailed a huge success by the 39 exhibitors and members of the public who attended.

Altogether more than 1,000 job vacancies were available in one room, including 250 temporary positions for the forthcoming Census. A number of organisations reported being able to fill all their vacancies on the day itself, while many others left clutching long lists of potential candidates.

Volunteering opportunities and countless training courses were also available, with a workshop on getting started in business proving particularly popular - so much so that 30 people will now be having start-up interviews to get their business ideas off the ground.

One unemployed man from Poulton who attended this workshop said his visit was well worth the trip: "I was made redundant three months ago as a design engineer and had been thinking of setting up on my own doing website design.

"I've learned that this is not as complicated as I thought. You have an idea but get swamped with all the financial side of things, like VAT and taxation, and part of that had put me off.

"But now I know there is support there to get things set up. I've also found a recruitment company to help people with a disability problem back into work. I didn't know things like that existed before today so I've filled in a form and will wait to see what they can come up with."

The Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Job and Skills Fair was organised by Wyred Up (the business network that is getting the economy moving in Wyre), JobCentre Plus and partners.

Councillor Barry Birch, Economy Portfolio Holder for Wyre Borough Council, is one of the drivers of the project. He said: "People were queuing around the block before the doors had even opened, which shows just how much need there is for an event like this.

"Being able to match so many job hunters with potential employers was a real positive, as was being able to point people towards re-training or volunteering as valuable alternatives.

"The council is very keen on getting people back into work and is delighted to support such a worthwhile initiative."

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