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Published on Monday 1st November 2010

It's official. The Borough of Wyre is bloomin' marvellous.

A bumper crop of prizes have been awarded to Wyre's towns and villages at the North West in Bloom and Neighbourhood Awards held last week when green-fingered residents and community spirited businesses celebrated their biggest success yet.

No fewer than 14 community groups and 13 local businesses all shared honours.

Top prizes went to Wyresdale Caravan Park, Hambleton (who won Gold and the Shaw Hill Trophy in the Caravan Class) and The Lake at Cleveley Mere, Forton, taking Gold and winning the Brian Whalley Trophy in the Best Small Accommodation category. Poulton Railway Station earned yet another accolade taking top spot as winner of the Best Small Attraction category.

And ten Wyre areas all attained standards ranging from Bronze right up to Gold for gorgeous Garstang which were once again category winners in the Small Town category.

Councillor Pete Murphy, Chairman of Wyre in Bloom Steering Group, said: "It's a wonderful accolade for the people of Wyre as we just keep getting better and better every year as more communities get involved. I would like to congratulate all of the volunteers, gardeners and staff for their excellent efforts."

A full list of Wyre winners is available at http://www.wyrebc.gov.uk/

2. Wyre Borough Council is ready for the 'green' light at Climate Change Awards

As national Energy Saving Week draws to a close on Sunday (31 October) Wyre Borough Council waits to hear next week if their eco-conscious efforts to promote energy efficiency have won them regional recognition at the prestigious Climate Change North West Leader Awards.

Two 'green' inspired projects have been shortlisted for the awards which highlight shining examples of initiatives which mitigate climate change and make carbon and financial savings:

- Wyre's Heatsave Project (supporting residents category)

This project has helped thousands of residents to keep their homes warm and energy efficient as well as slashing their household energy bills.

Over 8,000 cavity wall insulations and measures of loft insulation have been installed in the project's first two years, saving 22,730 tonnes of carbon altogether.

This surpasses government targets and puts Wyre in the top five of best performing councils and one of only three authorities in Lancashire to achieve NI 87 targets for fuel poverty - proving they are definitely not lagging behind when it comes to energy efficiency.

- Wyre's Flood Management Programme (increasing local resilience)

The first phase of the award-winning Cleveleys Coastal Defence scheme at the People's Promenade has already protected 8,700 properties from the effects of climate change and strengthened links with the local community through the Wyre Flood Forum.

Its use of recycled materials has saved thousands of items going to landfill and utilising local suppliers, renewable energy sources, turbines and solar powered luminaires has dramatically reduced the project's carbon footprint.

The awards are due be announced on 2 November.

3. Dog is safe following rescue in Over Wyre

In Knott End the efforts of Wyre's Animal Welfare Service and Street Scene Team, the Coastguard, Fylde Borough Council and the local community have seen a very scared and injured stray dog on the run for one month finally in the safe hands of the council.

The mongrel, who was cruelly thrown on to the streets of Over Wyre from an unidentified van and had been running scared ever since was eventually sedated and taken to receive medical attention. Still to be named, the dog is currently safe and being cared for at an animal shelter.

Anyone with any information relating to this incident should contact 01253 891000.

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