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Fleetwood Pier rejected

Published on Thursday 4th November 2010

Wyre's Planning Committee has rejected plans to build a hotel on the site of the former Fleetwood Pier.

Members voted 8 to 2 against the proposal on the following grounds:

  • the height, scale, mass, design and appearance would result in an alien building on a prominent promenade in a conservation area
  • the height, scale, mass, design and appearance of the building would make it overbearing when viewed from properties 13 to 22 The Esplanade, 21 Windsor Place and 18 Balmoral Terrace
  • the inadequacy of car parking and servicing provision would lead to a level of on street parking that would impact heavily on the main highway and surrounding neighbourhood.

Approximately 250 members of the public filled the Marine Hall last night with 22 speakers providing cohesive arguments for and against.

Objections included the negative economic impact it could have on existing businesses, the flood risk and the fact that it was not in keeping with the Victorian character of the town.

Supporters were in favour of Fleetwood being modernised and a potential chance to bring new money into the town.

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