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Happy birthday to market stalwart

Published on Thursday 11th November 2010

There were plenty of surprises for long-standing Fleetwood Market trader Arthur Ellis when he celebrated his 90th birthday

Not least of all was a commemorative plaque from owner Wyre Borough Council to honour his 45 years as a market stall holder.

Arthur, who was also treated to a cake and presents from his fellow traders, still enjoys welcoming shoppers to his bedding stall and has no plans to retire just yet.

He said: "I have had stalls all over, but closed them all except Fleetwood because it is such an excellent market and I can't fault it. I will carry on until I can't make it pay any more."

Market Manager Julian Brent said: "Arthur is a much loved trader and he has had a market stall here for half his life. That's why we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion."

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