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Feedback encouraged on Wyre's Urban Woodland Scheme

Published on Thursday 18th November 2010

Six new urban woodlands are set to be created in Wyre.

Residents living near the proposed sites are currently being consulted by Wyre Borough Council, which is keen to introduce native species such as alder, birch, hawthorn and holly between the end of November and next March.

Wyre's urban areas have some of the lowest tree cover in England, but things are improving thanks to a Forestry Commission grant. As well as improving the landscape, the new woodlands will encourage a wider range of wildlife habitats.

Neighbours will benefit from greater privacy and their properties will be protected from weather extremes of high winds and hot sun.

And with plans for footpaths, bench seats, picnic tables and information boards as the woodlands develop, there are new leisure opportunities in the heart of local communities.

The £41,000 grant was given to the council last January and allows for 12,000 trees and their management over the next 10 years.

Councillor Lynne Bowen, the council's Leisure and Culture Portfolio Holder, said: "Adding new woodlands to our urban areas will bring so many different benefits, everything from making our neighbourhoods look greener to improving our air quality.

"We will be using some of the Forestry Commission money to introduce about 6,000 new trees and shrubs during the next four months. We hope the surrounding communities will then go on to help us develop the woodlands in years to come."

The new sites identified are:

- Kenyon Gardens, Church Road and Heys Street in Thornton

- North Park Drive and Croasdale open space in Cleveleys

- Roundway, Fleetwood

Large plans are on display at the Civic Centre in Poulton, Thornton Library, Fleetwood Library and Wyre Estuary Country Park until 25 November. They can also be viewed online at www.wyrebc.gov.uk/woodlands

Wyre's Countryside Team will be looking to start the planting season at two sites previously identified in Phase One of the project. These will take place during National Tree Week and members of the community are invited to join in at Skippool Picnic Site on 27 November and Stanah Picnic Site on 5 December, both 10am to noon. Please bring a spade if you have one.

Opportunities for individuals, schools and community groups to join in future planting are actively encouraged. Anyone interested should contact 01253 891000.

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