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Help needed to catch Fleetwood fly-tippers

Published on Thursday 16th December 2010

Fleetwood folk are being asked to come forward with information following a spate of fly-tipping in the town.

Three large tips have been discovered within the last week and waste bosses at Wyre Borough Council are now appealing for help with finding out who was responsible.

The biggest haul was found on 14 December. Four tonnes of builders waste was dumped on Jameson Road, mostly old fashioned roof slates and felt.

A large tip was also found at the rear of Hazeldene Avenue on 10 December and another at the rear of Lindel Road on 13 December. These were a combination of garden waste and kitchen and bathroom fittings.

All three were removed but the council the same day as they were reported.

Councillor Paul Moon, Cabinet member with responsibility for fly-tipping at Wyre Borough Council, said: "The irresponsible few who dump their waste like this are not just spoiling our neighbourhoods, they are also putting unnecessary pressure on our finances.

"Every time there is a fly tipping incident, it costs several hundred pounds in removal equipment and landfill costs, plus a great deal of officer time. All of this has to be paid for by public money, so it affects everyone.

"The only way we can find and take action against these people is to gather evidence and that's where the public comes in. We're asking anyone who might know anything about these incidents to talk to us in confidence.

"People may have seen the fly-tipping taking place. If they've had a replacement roof or bathroom fitted in the past few days or had their garden cleared, they may have suspicions about how the builder disposed of the waste.

"Any information, however small, may be enough to allow us to take action."

Residents are reminded of the council's reward scheme that pays out £100 to anyone providing information leading to the prosecution of anyone who illegally dumps rubbish on public land.

Contact the council on 01253 891000, text 01253891000 or email mailroom@wyrebc.gov.uk

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