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Published on Tuesday 18th January 2011

Date set for Preesall Travellers inquiry

The Planning Inspectorate has announced that an appeal from Travellers in Preesall will be heard from 29 to 31 March.

This will take the form of a public inquiry dealing with two issues at the same time:

- an appeal against refusal of planning permission to develop land off Lancaster Road

- an appeal against a subsequent enforcement notice served by Wyre Borough Council requesting that occupiers vacate the site and remove all the material deposited there.

The inquiry will start at 10am on Tuesday 29 March at Wyre Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton.

Members of the public are welcome to attend as spectators. There may also be an opportunity for people with a particular concern to take part in the proceedings at the discretion of the planning inspector, but they would need to be in attendance at the very start of the hearing.


2. Residents encouraged to go green

Wyre Borough Council is urging residents to follow its example and protect the environment using some energy-saving tips about to drop through their door.

As part of an on-going Climate Change Strategy, the council has already taken the lead in Wyre with a review of services and working practices to ensure these are delivered in ways that reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

In a bid to encourage residents to do the same and go greener in their own homes, a useful calendar and information leaflet is now being delivered to all households in Wyre.

As well as advice on simple, practical changes that could save people energy and money, the calendar also provides details of how the council can help with access to grants which dramatically reduce the cost of home insulation and heating, or in some cases provide it for free.

The calendar itself is printed on environmentally friendly paper and has been self-financed through local advertising.


3. Eyes and Ears needed in Fleetwood

People living in the Mount and Pharos wards of Fleetwood are invited to become the eyes and ears of their neighbourhood in order to get issues resolved that bit quicker.

The North Fleetwood Community Liaison Group is a successful stepping stone between public organisations such as Wyre Borough Council and residents.

Representatives meet every six weeks to report on problems that local people are talking about. These are then passed direct to the agencies that can address these issues.

Successes so far include the closing down of a nuisance property where noise, drugs and other anti-social behaviour was a frequent occurrence. Police and council officers were able to act following intelligence from the Fleetwood Community Liaison Group.

To volunteer to be part of the group, contact Ivor Bould on 01253 875436. To report an issue that you would like the group to raise on your behalf, contact any of the representatives listed online at www.wyrebc.gov.uk/Find/North_Fleetwood


4. Free guide to what's on in Wyre

Want to know what's happening in Wyre this year?

The jam-packed 2011 What's On In Wyre guide, produced by Wyre Borough Council, is now out on the streets, this year incorporating the council's Active Wyre events.

Inside are full details of activities to suit everyone, from music festivals to guided walks, arts to countryside pursuits, sports sessions and much more.

Free copies are available from tourist information centres, Wyre Civic Centre in Poulton, community venues or by downloading from www.wyrebc.gov.uk/Find/63275 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5. Double bloom bid for Garstang

Garstang has made it to the finals of the 2011 Royal Horticultural Society's Britain in Bloom campaign when it will bid to become Champion of Champions.

The town will be one of just 77 communities from across the UK to receive a visit from a panel of national RHS Britain in Bloom judges in the summer.

Planning has already begun by the dedicated band of volunteers who have an impressive record in this competition, with a number of gold awards.

The news follows a prestigious invitation for Garstang to also compete in this year's Communities In Bloom International Challenge alongside some of the most picturesque places in the world.


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