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Published on Friday 21st January 2011

Graffiti focus during Fleetwood clean-up

Removing graffiti from public areas will be a key feature of Operation Cleansweep arriving in Fleetwood next week.

Members of the Wyre Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) have completed a visual audit of Pharos ward ahead of the intensive blitz on grime and crime which starts on Monday.

Officers discovered that graffiti was by far the biggest blight with more than 35 instances recorded daubed on walls, lampposts, meter boxes and street furniture.

A location map is now being draw up and offenders working off their crimes under the Community Payback scheme will be tasked with removing it all from the neighbourhood.

Other problems noted during the audit included:

- dog fouling

- a protruding drain cover

- two beds dumped near Walmsley Street

- pot holes

- broken road signs

- an accumulation of cigarette ends outside pubs and a betting shop

There was also particular focus on piles of rubble following a recent spate of vandalism to windows in the area.

All of the issues identified have been recorded and passed on to the relevant organisations for actioning as soon as possible.

Councillor Roger Berry, Chairman of the WCSP, said: "PCSOs, council officers and members of the community spent several hours combing the area to make sure we spotted anything spoiling the streets of Pharos ward.

"Graffiti was found to be the biggest problem by far. With more cases than expected, removal may spill over into a second week, but once complete the town should look a lot cleaner.

"We want everyone to take pride in their neighbourhood and help us keep it that way."

Other activities taking place during the Pharos Cleansweep include free bulky waste removal, a beach clean, litter picks plus enforcement action from the police, TV Licensing, trading standards, food safety and the DVLA.

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