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Cabinet member resigns

Published on Thursday 3rd February 2011

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Borough Council, said: "It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Councillor Paul Moon from the position of Street Scene Portfolio Holder

on Wyre Borough Council's Cabinet.

"Councillor Moon has taken the difficult decision to withdraw from his official Cabinet duties following a complaint recently received from a member of the public about his conduct during a discussion on dog control orders at a recent Cabinet Meeting.

"He has been quick to take personal responsibility for his actions as he recognises that this was an error of judgement on his part. So much so, he has already made a personal apology to the member of the public and a wider public apology to everyone who attended the meeting, but he feels that it is in the best interests of the council to resign.

"I respect his decision to leave the cabinet and would like to take this opportunity to thank Councillor Moon for all the excellent work he has done to serve the people of Wyre and spearhead a number of environmental initiatives to meet local priorities.

"We recognise that issues surrounding dog control continue to be important to local residents and we believe that the implementation of the orders will enable us to do this".

Councillor Moon will continue in his role as a local councillor for Preesall.

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