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Dog microchipping

Dog Microchipping

Microchipping provides the security of knowing that should your dog stray, the chances of being reunited with them will significantly increase.

Whilst every dog owner is legally obliged to ensure that their dog is wearing a collar and tag, these can easily get lost or can be removed if a dog is stolen. A microchip is permanent and from April 2016 will also become a legal requirement.

A small electronic device, the size of a grain of rice,  each microchip is coded with a unique number that can be read by a scanner and then entered onto the national database alongside the owner's details.

Using a specially designed implanting device, the microchip is injected through a sterile needle under the dog's skin between the shoulder blades. It doesn't hurt the dog and no anaesthetic is required. The procedure should cause no more discomfort than a standard vaccination.

Scanners can be found at most veterinary practices, local authorities and animal welfare groups.

If a stray dog is found to have a microchip, the local authority, vet practice or animal welfare organisation will contact the national 24 hour database to find the owner's details. The owner can then be contacted and reunited with their dog.

Contact us to request an appointment for micro chipping your dog. Current charges for this service are available by calling 01253 891000.

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