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Stray Dogs

The Council has a legal obligation to seize any stray dogs found roaming in the community.

The Animal Welfare Officers are constantly patrolling the Borough and responding to stray dog complaints from the public. It is an offence to allow your dog to stray and the dog wardens have a number of actions they may take for every dog seized.

If a straying dog is found the Animal Welfare Officers will make every effort to seize it. If at all possible we will try and locate the owner and inform them of the offence. This is then registered as a first offence.

If your dog carries identification we will try and return the dog to you on the first occasion only. We cannot return the dog to you if no one is at home or the wrong details are displayed on the disc.

For Lost Dogs, contact the Animal Welfare Officer as soon as possible and if you need to go out and look for your dog, leave a responsible person at home to answer the door and telephone.

Second Offence

If you allow the dog to stray a second time or on a regular basis, the dog will be seized and a recommendation made to the Council's legal department to prosecute you the owner.

Retrieving your dog from the kennels is an expensive business. You will be responsible for all fees incurred as a result of your dog's detainment. Please refer to our Reclaiming your Dog pages.

Please note: In line with the Council's policy we never release a dog until all fees are paid in full.

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