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Dog Fouling

As well as being unpleasant, anti-social, and unsightly, dog mess is a health hazard. If you allow your dog to foul in a public place and you fail to clean up after it you are breaking the law.

Reporting Dog Fouling Problems

If you wish to report a problem with a litter bin or dog fouling please use our online form:

Please note the Council no longer has specific bins for dog waste, any litter bin will do. All litterbins are now for dual use.

What we do

We will:

  • investigate reports of dog fouling
  • investigate reports about dangerous dogs
  • issue Fixed Penalty Notices when dog mess is not cleared away
  • initiate legal proceedings for dog fouling
  • patrol areas subject to frequent fouling
  • put up signs concerning fouling
  • advise on the installation of litter bins
  • install, maintain and empty litter bins installed on public land or on the public highway
  • undertake educational activities on responsible dog ownership

What we need YOU to do

  • Report dog fouling
  • Record details of dog walkers not picking up after their dogs
    • Time / date / location
    • Description of person and the dog(s)
    • Name / address (if known)
    • Car details and registration
  • Be prepared to stand up against this unacceptable behaviour, and if necessary, go to court as a witness

What we don't do

We won't:

  • investigate reports of fouling on private land unless it is so contaminated as to be a public nuisance
  • deal with reports of fouling by other animals unless the land is so heavily fouled such as to be a public nuisance 

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