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Anti-social behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour (ASB)

If you would like to report anti-social behaviour to Wyre Council please complete the online form:

Anti-social behaviour online form

You can also report anti-social behaviour by contacting the police on 0845 1 25 35 45 or Wyre Council on 01253 89100.

If you are a council tenant, you should let your local housing office know first.

About anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life. This might include:

  • Persistent verbal abuse or threats
  • Assault or physical harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Homophobic harassment
  • Graffiti or damage to property
  • Vandalism

Persistent anti-social behaviour can cause significant alarm, harassment and stress. Wyre's Community Safety Partnership believes that everyone who lives, works or visits Wyre has a basic right to enjoy peace and quiet in their own home, to feel safe and secure and not to have to suffer or tolerate the antisocial activities of others.

  • You do not have to put up with anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood
  • We are there to help you if you are a victim
  • We will provide support to anyone who wants to report anti-social behaviour but is concerned about reprisals

How we can help you

When you report ASB, the community safety team will carry out more detailed investigations; identify potential legal or other remedies to problems; support victims and witnesses of ASB; and work with other agencies to prevent and reduce ASB.

To achieve the most effective and appropriate solutions to ASB, we work in partnership with the police and other agencies. By working together we can co-ordinate initiatives to reduce and tackle ASB, and stop it from happening, making a real difference to the quality of life for everyone living in the Wyre area.

Any person dissatisfied with the outcome of a previous report of ASB may be eligible to request for their case to be reviewed, providing that their case meets the community trigger threshold

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