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Noise pollution

Noise Pollution

Noise from neighbours is a common source of nuisance, and for some people it can be very upsetting. Some of the most common examples of this type of noise include a barking dog(s), loud music or loud TV and DIY activities etc. If you are being disturbed by noise from your neighbours, one of three things could be happening:

  • The neighbours may be behaving unreasonably, for instance by playing music too loud.
  • The neighbours may be unaware of the problem, e.g. a dog that barks only when left alone or children that turn the radio up when parents are out.
  • You may have become over-sensitive to the noise, particularly if you don't get on with your neighbours. People sometimes "tune in" to the noise from next door to find it annoying even when most other people wouldn't.

What is a Noise Nuisance?

A Statutory Nuisance noise nuisance is a noise that unreasonably affects the use of your property by causing sleep disturbance, disrupting the enjoyment of your television and other similar interference, rather than just causing mere annoyance.

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