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Gambling licenses

The Gambling Act 2005 requires that each local authority issues permission for certain types of gambling to take place under the act.

Premises licenses

Betting shops, race tracks, bingo clubs, casinos, adult gaming centres and family entertainment centres (arcades) all require licences. Enforcement by Wyre officers and Gambling Commission officers takes place periodically in order to ensure that the licensing objectives are being upheld.


Pubs, clubs and smaller arcades are required to hold a permit for the slot machines on their premises. There are limitations on the stake and jackpot amounts of machines, based on the type of premises they are located in.


If a charitable organisation wishes to raise money for local charitable causes through the sale of raffle tickets, the Council must issue them with a Small Society Lottery licence. The lottery licence also provides the organiser with a licence number which must be printed on the raffle tickets. Tombola type events are exempt, as tickets (usually cloakroom style) are picked out randomly at the event and not sold in advance. A summary of the proceeds must be sent to the licensing section following the event (lottery return).

A summary of the Gambling Act 2005 

The Gambling Act 2005 controls the way commercial gambling is licensed in England, Wales and Scotland. Wyre Council is the licensing authority for this area and officer work closely with the Gambling Commission who, as the national gambling regulator, issue various codes of practice about how gambling should be conducted and operating and personal licences.
They also investigate illegal gambling and have powers to prosecute organisers of such activity. 

Any person or business wishing to operate a gambling business in the Wyre area must first apply for an operating licence and any relevant personal licences from the Gambling Commission. 
Then, they can apply to Wyre Council for a premises licence for each individual premises that they wish to licence in this area. 

The council and the Gambling Commission will make decisions in accordance with the three licensing objectives, which are: 

  • Preventing gambling being a source of crime or disorder 
  • Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way 
  • Protecting children and the vulnerable from being harmed or exploited by gambling


The fee structure is set by the government and we work within this.

Statement of licensing policy

A local policy is required to address the three licensing objectives of the Gambling Act 2005 in relation to premises that are licensed by the council.

The regulations state that policies must be reviewed at least every three years and the authority must consult widely on the content. A licensing authority policy is relevant to prospective and current licensed operators, responsible authorities, agencies and other persons likely to be affected by applications and licences.

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