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Business continuity management


Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the process of preventing, surviving and recovering from a crisis.

BCM can help you develop plans on how to maintain business as usual in the event of:

  • a civil emergency
  • fuel crisis, 
  • pandemics, 
  • the loss of your workplace, 
  • theft and vandalism, 
  • communications failure, 
  • industrial action, 
  • power or water failures.

BCM is scalable and applies equally to individual traders or large organisations.

A lack of preparation can result in any of the following potentially damaging impacts:

  • loss of income;
  • loss of critical services/equipment;
  • loss of reputation and/or customers;
  • legal actions taken against your business.

Getting started

To assist with business continuity management planning, a template has been developed by the council to help cover the main areas. 

Organisations are advised to consider seeking professional assistance in preparing a plan and not to rely on this document alone.
There is also a 10 minute assessment you can try:

The four stages of the BCM life cycle

Wyre Council embraces the plan-do-check-act cycle:

  • Plan: Establishment of the policy, strategy, objectives, targets, controls, roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures relevant to managing the risk and improving resilience;
  • Do: Implement and operate policies, controls, processes and procedures;
  • Check: Monitor and review performance against policy, objectives and practical experience, report results for review and determine and authorise actions for remediation and improvement;
  • Act: Maintain and improve by taking corrective and preventative actions, based on the results of reviews, exercises and live events.

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