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Woodland Burials in Poulton

The Woodland Section at Poulton New Cemetery has been developed to ensure that our customers have a natural and environmentally friendly way to say their last goodbyes to loved ones.

The facility gives a greater choice for the bereaved and woodland graves offer a "return to nature" for those who wish to be buried with trees and amongst, birds, mammals and wild flowers.

The woodland section provides a living memorial for the pleasure and benefit of future generations and will not contain traditional memorials, or the placing of flower containers as this will create paths and trample the wild life destroying the living memorial that we propose to create.

Woodland burial photo
The woodland walk begins to the rear of the Cemetery Chapel and all along the boundary of the cemetery, through the existing trees via a natural bark chipped and trunk path.


Woodland graves are for one burial but two plots may be purchased side by side if required and after burial when the soil has been allowed to settle tree planting will take place at the appropriate time of the year.  The scattering of ashes may also be arranged within the area.

The section will be managed for the development of the trees, wild flowers and benefit of wild life. Grass mowing may vary from nil to a few times per year dependant on the species of wild flowers which develop on the site.

The traditional "neat and tidy" appearance of our cemeteries will not apply to this burial area.

Preference is that burials should take place in biodegradable coffins e.g. cardboard or wicker. More details can be obtained from the Cemetery's office, please contact the Council. Biodegradable coffins are not mandatory and standard coffins used by funeral directors will be acceptable.

Memorial Trees

Once settlement of the grave has completed a native British tree is planted. However the following types of tree are available for purchase by the public for a memorial:

  • Prunus Avium - Wild Cherry
  • Prunus Padus - Bird Cherry
  • Sorbus Aucuparia - Mountain Ash
  • Sorbus Aria Lutescens - White Beam
  • Betula Pendula - Common Birch
  • Salix Viminalis - Common Birch

Prices for the above trees may be obtained from the Cemetery's Office, please contact the Council if you require further information.

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