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Pay online

Payments made by debit or credit card do not attract any extra charge. 

Pay by Direct Debit 

Find out more about arranging and changing a Direct Debit

Pay over the phone

To pay by telephone please call (01253) 887294 or 887295 and follow the steps given. 

Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

You will need your eight digit council tax account reference number (located on the front of your council tax bill) and your bank details to hand when paying.

Other ways to pay

Find out your council tax balance

The recovery process

Around 15 March each year we send out council tax bills for the following financial year (01 April – 31 March). These bills are split into 10 equal monthly instalments, but you can spread the payments over the full 12 months if you want. To do this contact us

If you don’t pay the council tax each month as it becomes due, then we may take further action to recover the full outstanding balance. The actions we can take include making an application to the Magistrates Court for a liability order. Once we have done this a number of options are available to help us collect the debt including making an attachment to benefits or wages, or by referring the debt to an enforcement agent and asking them to collect the money for us. If we have to take action to collect unpaid council tax then you will incur extra costs. These include a £72.50 charge if you are summonsed to the Magistrates Court, and a minimum of a further £75 if your case is referred to an enforcement agent. 

If you are struggling to pay your council tax because of financial problems then our debt advice team may be able to help you. They provide a full debt advice service and will help you negotiate with your creditors if you need to.  

Contact us

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the revenues team:

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