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Home visiting service

We offer a home visiting service for our benefit customers.

Who can have a home visit?

Anyone who is unable to visit the council offices at the Wyre Civic Centre or the Benefits Mobile Advice Centre (B-MAC). This may be due to health or age.

Making a new claim

The home visiting officer can help you complete an application form for housing and council tax support. They can also check any documents or other evidence you provide to support your claim. The officer will take details of the information you provide. Normally, they won't need to take these away to show anyone.

Collecting Evidence

The council home visiting officers may try to contact you to make arrangements for them to call at your home to collect some information we need to process your claim for benefit. This helps us to process your claim more quickly.

Have your circumstances changed?

If you need to report a change in your circumstances, for example, you have started work or someone has moved into or out of your home, you can report this on line, visit the Mobile Advice Centre or the Civic Centre.  Or phone the office on 01253 891000 to speak to an advisor.  In some circumstances you can ask for a home visit.

The Officer can collect all the relevant information, ask you to sign to confirm all the details are correct and your claim can be changed to include this new information.

How to arrange a home visit?

To arrange a visit please contact us (details at the bottom of this page).

A benefit advisor will be able to make an appointment for a visiting officer to call on you. Usually, the visiting officer will telephone you directly to confirm the appointment date and time.

  • Tel: 01253 891000
  • Fax: 01253 899000
  • Wyre Council
    Civic Centre
    Breck Road
    FY6 7PU


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