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10 December - Great Eccleston Extension Masterplan consultation goes live on 11 December 2018 and closes 5pm 22 January 2019. 

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What is a masterplan?

“Masterplans are about setting out a vision for an area undergoing change and a strategy for implementing that vision. They are about taking the initiative in terms of design, layout, houses, jobs and service. Critically, they must show local people what an area might look like in the future.” (Our towns and cities: the future - Delivering an Urban Renaissance, DETR, 2000).

Masterplanning is about place making. A good masterplan should tell a ‘story’ about the place as it is now and how it will be in the future through the development of the site in question. 

The local plan requires the preparation of ‘masterplans’ for certain residential and mixed use allocations before planning permission will be granted. The requirement for a masterplan is essential to ensure that each site is brought forward in a comprehensive and cohesive manner that contributes to the creation of sustainable places. 

A masterplan is a document that – through plans, drawings and text - will determine key aspects of the future development such as the:

  • Distribution and interrelationship of activities/uses
  • Relationship between spaces and buildings (existing and new)
  • Degree of ‘permeability’ – visual and physical
  • Best location of different type of uses
  • Movement networks within and out with the site
  • Provision of infrastructure    

Developing a masterplan will be a collaborative process between landowners and stakeholders involving setting a shared vision, agreeing objectives and priorities, generating options and resolving issues.   The process will include effective community engagement and consultation.

The masterplan process

The council has produced guidance for landowners, developers and local communities on the masterplanning process.

Emerging masterplans

Details (including consultations) of emerging masterplans will be added below when available.



Hillhouse Technology Enterprise Zone Masterplan

Consultation closed

11 October to 5pm 1 November 2018

Great Eccleston Extension Masterplan Consultation going live on 11 December 2018 and closes 5pm 22 January 2019

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Any enquiries regarding Masterplanning, please contact the planning policy team.

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