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Make a Planning Application

Making a Planning Application

We recommend you submit your planning application to us electronically by visiting the Planning Portal.

The site allows you to complete an on-line application form, buy site location plans, attach drawings and make your application electronically.

You can also purchase site location plans direct from the Planning Department at Wyre. 

You can still submit planning applications the traditional way, but before you do so, why not take a look at the benefits of applying online? If you wish to submit your forms using the traditional method we will require two copies of all documentation.

Planning Portal 

The Planning Portal is an external site maintained by the Planning Inspectorate. It is the central point for finding our about the planning system in England and Wales.

Apply for Planning Permission Online

Find out if you need planning permission

Planning Portal homepage

The site also includes details on:

  • Applying for planning permission
  • Learning about the planning system
  • Finding out about development in the area
  • Appealing against a planning decision
  • Researching the latest government policy. 

Dealing with your Planning Application

Once your application has been sent, you can find out more about how we Deal with your application


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