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Council structure

Wyre Council is made up of 50 councillors who are democratically elected by the residents of Wyre every four years to represent the views and opinions of the communities.

  • deciding how services are provided,
  • ensuring that the services the council provides are delivered in the most efficient and effective way,
  • agreeing the rates of council tax and other fees and charges for council services,
  • determining how the council's money should be spent.


The Cabinet (also known as the Executive) is made up of a Leader and at least five other councillors chosen by the Leader, who are called Portfolio Holders because they have specific areas of responsibility known as portfolios. Cabinet is the part of the council that is responsible for most day-to-day decisions.  

Cabinet meetings are open to the public (Cabinet meeting dates) but if there are any confidential or exempt items to be considered, part of the meeting might have to be held in private. Notice of all the decisions that the Executive intend to make (including any that cannot be discussed in public) is given at least 28 days in advance in the Schedule of Executive Decisions. 

Details of all Executive decisions are published at least 7 days before the decision is taken, either as part of the agenda for a Cabinet meeting or a report to a specific Portfolio Holder. Exceptions may only be made to the timescales for advance notice if a decision needs to be taken urgently.


Leader of the council 

The current leader of the council is Councillor David Henderson

Portfolio Holders

The current portfolio holders are:

  • Councillor Alan Vincent Deputy Leader and Resources Portfolio
  • Councillor Roger Berry Neighbourhood Services and Community Safety Portfolio 
  • Councillor Lynne Bowen Leisure, Health and Community Engagement Portfolio 
  • Councillor Michael Vincent Planning and Economic Development Portfolio 
  • Councillor Simon Bridge Street Scene and Parks and Open Spaces Portfolio 

The democratic structure chart is available here.

Contact details for councillors, including the opposition are available on the Councillors page. 

Officers of the council

The council employs staff to give advice, implement its decisions and to manage the day-to-day delivery of council services. Council employees are known as "officers" and they are led by the Chief Executive supported by three directors. 

Chief Executive 

Garry Payne is the Chief Executive. He is Principal Policy Advisor to the council and is the Returning Officer whenever there is an election. In addition to managing three Service Directors he has direct management responsibility for the Head of Finance and Head of Planning and Regeneration.

Service Director

  • Mark Broadhurst is the Service Director for Health and Wellbeing (Housing, Environmental Health and Community Safety, Leisure and Tourism) 
  • Mark Billington is the Service Director for People and Places (Operational Services, Engineering and Contact Centre)
  • Marianne Hesketh is the Service Director for Performance and Innovation (Transformation, Governance, Business Support, Built Environment)

Business Plan

The Business Plan shows the council's priority projects, how it will measure achievement and how it is allocating its resources over the three year period that the Plan covers to ensure that it delivers these priorities.

Open Data

As a public body spending tax payers' money we strive to be open and accountable in the way we do business.

You can find this on our Open Data page.

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