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myWyre Account

Help with your myWyre Account

Help with signing in

If you have forgotten your password to your myWyre account, please enter your email address on the "Problems signing in" page and you will be sent an email with instructions to follow.

Issues with activating my online account

If you do not receive an email to allow you to activate your account, check that the email hasn’t gone directly into your ‘spam or junk’ folder. If not, register to create a MyAccount again.

Your email address has changed

You can update your email address from within MyAccount.

Log in to MyAccount with your previous email address as normal and then within the Manage MyAccount section there is an option to update your email address. There is no need to update your password.

The next time you log into MyAccount, you will need to enter your new email address.

Unsubscribe to myWyre emails

If you wish to stop the emails updating you on cases, you can follow our instructions on how to do this

Other issues

If you are having any further issues, please contact us. Please note that we will not be able to provide your username or password over the telephone or email due to possible security issues.