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What's happening in your community

As the council only has control over a small number of emissions across the borough, it is important that we all do our bit to help reduce Wyre’s emissions together.

Local help and advice

Explore our help and advice page for a directory of local organisations and companies offering environmental services such as free home energy advice, carbon auditing for your business and support for local energy projects.

If you would like to see your company listed here, get in touch.

Resident survey

At the end of 2020, we joined Blackpool and Fylde councils to survey all residents in the area on their views about climate change. This provided a useful insight into how people perceive climate change locally and what may motivate people to take action. It is important to note that this was not a representative survey, as it was not randomised. The survey also gathered only a small response, with a total of 102 responses from Wyre residents.


Most respondents considered that their knowledge on the subject of climate change was moderately broad, and generally showed greater concern about the impacts of climate change globally and across Britain, rather than for local impacts in Wyre.

The main motivations for respondents changing their behaviours were the consideration of future generations, health and saving money.

It was encouraging that most respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that they were able to make individual changes to reduce climate change. Most reported they were already carrying out a number of positive behaviours, and would most likely consider actions such as major home-energy efficiency improvements and switching to a renewable energy provider.

However, the perceived barriers to action included cost and concern that their individual contribution would have no effect. Respondents were less likely to choose to eat more vegetarian/vegan food and buy less or second-hand furniture, appliances and clothes.

It was widely supported that the council should introduce measures that encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour, rather than leaving this up to individuals. Respondents showed strong support for a range of suggested initiatives, as well as offering a wide range of potential actions that the council could implement. Download the report to read the full results of the survey. 

Project showcase

Coming soon!

If you are involved in a local project to reduce climate change, or have an idea you would like to suggest to the council, get in touch.