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What we are planning to do

Our vision

Our vision is that Wyre is a healthy and happy place where people want to live, work, invest and visit. The following action plans support the councils’ combined ambitions for a quality local environment for all to enjoy, a strong local economy, and to support communities to lead healthier lifestyles. In particular, we imagine a low carbon district to comprise of quiet safe streets, warm homes, green jobs, equity and social cohesion, community resilience, healthier people and more local consumption.

Action plans

To reflect our levels of influence across the borough, we have produced two separate action plans in order to effectively respond to the impacts and risks of climate change.

Council operations:

We aim to lead by example in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions we have direct control over and have committed to make the council’s activities net-zero by 2050. This means achieving a balance of greenhouse gas emissions, where we reduce as much of our emissions as possible, and work to offset the damage of any residual emissions through carbon offsetting activities such as tree planting. We plan to achieve this through our council operations action plan.

Wider borough:

As a district authority within Lancashire County Council, we are responsible for local services such as rubbish collection, housing and planning applications, whilst the county council are responsible for services such as education, social services and waste disposal. Although we are limited in our level of influence, we understand our position as a leader within the borough. We therefore commit to support and work with all other relevant agencies towards making the entire Wyre area zero carbon within the same timescale of 2050. Our goals are summarised in our wider borough action plan.


Estimates on the timescales required for the actions in each plan are based on these definitions:

  • ongoing: action currently in progress
  • short term: 6 – 12 months
  • medium term: up to two years
  • long term: Longer than two years

Priority actions

Due to the urgency of the task, it is important to prioritise key actions that will be most effective in responding to climate change. Actions in the plans are ranked as high, medium or low priority based on the expected ease of undertaking the action and the effectiveness of the result.


The action plans are live documents, which will be updated annually to reflect emerging technologies, guidance and policies. If you have any suggestions for actions you would like to see the council taking in response to climate change, please get in touch.

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