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Climate emergency declaration

On 11 July 2019 we declared a Climate Emergency. This recognises the severe impacts of climate breakdown and acknowledges the urgent need to act to prevent further damage.

Read our Climate Emergency Declaration to see our full list of commitments.

Our target

We have committed to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 78% by 2035, in line with the UK Government target. We will then reach net zero emissions by 2050.

What does net zero mean?

Net zero emissions means achieving a balance of reducing emissions from our activities, alongside removing emissions from the atmosphere.

Technologies such as solar panels allow us to reduce emissions to zero where possible.

However, some areas of technology are limited and cannot reduce all emissions completely. To account for these leftover emissions, we need to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, through activities such as tree planting.

Council operations

We aim to lead by example in reducing the emissions we have direct control over. Our council operations action plan explains how we plan to reduce emissions within the council itself.

Wyre borough

However, our council emissions account for only 1% of emissions within Wyre.

We therefore commit to support and work with all other relevant agencies to achieve net zero emissions for Wyre borough. Our wider borough action plan details how we plan to do this.

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